NPHL News and Notes

NPHL News and Notes

The NPHL season is already quickly approaching and a handful of teams have already begun preparations for the upcoming season by beginning camps, ice sessions and more. The Grande Prairie Athletics kicked off their 2013 – 2014 campaign with the first of three open skates last night at the Coca Cola Centre and while the club is anxious to get started there is still a lot left to be determined before the season commences. One of those being the upcoming announcement of the NPHL schedule which should be released shortly following the NPHL Annual Fall Meeting which is set to take place Wednesday September 18th, at 7:30 PM.

The meeting will take place in Fairview at the Dunvegan Motor Inn and there will be a lot of discussion surrounding the upcoming season with arguably the biggest topic being the possible introduction of the Fort Nelson Yeti into the NPHL. If you’re unaware of who the Yeti are we posted an article about them a few weeks back and since that writing the organizers have continued their effort by reaching agreements with numerous sponsors throughout the area in hopes of landing a spot in the NPHL.

Subsidizing travel has been one of the topics for conversation and all cases point to a very strong proposal but it sounds like there fate will ultimately be left in the hands of the NPHL Executive and the remaining NPHL teams.

Speaking of NPHL teams there have been strong rumours that the High Prairie Regals may not be icing a team on the upcoming season due to financial concerns from the previous year. As is the case with a lot of teams at this time of year there is always talk on whether both player and financial commitment is in place but it sounds like the Regals may be taking a years leave of absence in the 2013 – 2014 season.

All that and more is expected to be discussed in the coming weeks. A lot of teams have already reported new team and player personal heading into the upcoming season so it should make for a very exciting 2013 – 2014 NPHL season.

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