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NPHL Fall Meeting

Last night the North Peace Hockey League held it’s annual Fall meeting which was met with a handful of topics left for discussion. Over the past few weeks their was talks of expansion, teams folding, and of course news on the upcoming season schedule. After all was said and done from last night this is what we know.

Valleyview Jets
The meeting confirmed that the Valleyview Jets have asked and received a leave of absence from the NPHL for the upcoming season. The Jets have decided it is in their best interest to take the leave to re-evaluate their hockey operations and see if having a team next year is feasible.

Horse Lake Chiefs
It was previously mentioned in the spring meeting that the Horse Lake Chiefs were interested in starting a club once more. The team failed to have a representative show in the spring and was granted another chance Wednesday night to plead their case to the NPHL. Once again they failed to show.

Fort Nelson Yeti
The biggest topic for discussion was the possible expansion idea of putting a team in the community of Fort Nelson. Former player Ryan Carter has been spearheading the charge to gain acceptance into the NPHL with a probationary team in Fort Nelson and offered a very solid proposal to the league. Parts of the package included the expansion team covering busing costs up to $2500, hotel rooms paid for as well as some meals. The deal was rock solid unfortunately for the community of Fort Nelson the acceptance fell through due to concern from most teams in regards to player availability for what would be a two game weekend road trip.

There certainly was a lot more offered on the table then what a lot of teams expected and was suggested to have Fort Nelson even play the majority of their games on the road. While this meeting may have ended the hopes for the upcoming season we expect to see another proposal for the following year.

There has already been talks from a few NPHL teams about the possibility of exhibition games over the duration of the year.

With the Valleyview Jets taking a years leave of absence it puts an even amount of ten teams in the NPHL this season. Each division will consist of 5 teams with the top four making playoffs. Each team will play a total of 24 games this season with each divisional opponent playing one another 5 times and then crossing over to play one game against four of the five teams in the opposite division.

Wrap Up
All teams were required to pay league fees and other small changes were made to the NPHL constitution. The 2013 – 2014 NPHL schedule is expected to be released in the coming week.

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