Hythe Mustangs Fold

Mustangs Fold

In a somewhat surprise to the NPHL and members of the Grande Prairie Athletics this afternoon word got out that the Hythe Mustangs have folded putting an end to their 2013 – 2014 NPHL season.

With five games left to be played in the Mustang season it appears that the team doesn’t have enough bodies to finish the year.

League President Jack McAvoy was contacted Monday afternoon from Brian Lieverse of the Hythe Mustangs informing him that the team didn’t have enough players to finish the season. Short benched the past few games things started to set in as Hythe only had ten skaters for their road game this past weekend in Spirit River.

As the Rangers expected to be in Hythe Tuesday night for a rematch they instead will be defaulted with a win…as will all the other clubs remaining left to play the Mustangs in the 2013-2014 season.

While the news of the Mustangs folding with five games remaining was surprising to many it seems that the possibility of the team folding for good could become a reality.

Because they folded during the season Hythe will forfiet a $5000 league bond and now will be forced to face a league vote next spring on being allowed back into the NPHL. If accepted, they would have to pay another $5000.

The Athletics were scheduled for one final game against the Mustangs this season. The game was to take place in Hythe on February 6th during the final week of the regular season.

Despite the end to Hythe’s season the 2013 – 2014 NPHL playoff teams have already been decided in the West. The only thing left to determine will be placing. Both the Grande Prairie Athletics and Fort St. John Flyers find themselves battling for top spot at the moment but with Hythe’s end to the season it will leave one game left on the schedule for the Flyers. That game of course is against the Grande Prairie Athletics this Saturday night.

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