Lakeland Eagles Kicked Out of NPHL

Lakeland Out

For the second time in two weeks a team in the NPHL has ceased operations. This time it’s the Lakeland Eagles.

The circumstance for Lakeland’s demise are a little different but follow the same story as the Hythe Mustangs, who were the first team this season to shut down.

Struggling with a player roster all season the Lakeland Eagles finally had the final nail in the coffin when league President Jack McAvoy informed the team executive Sunday afternoon. Much of the 2013 – 2014 NPHL season has been the same for the Eagles who have shown up to games with 8-10 skaters for much of the year. For those unaware the league has a law in place that each team must arrive with at least nine skaters and one goalie…something the Eagles have broken numerous times this year.

Much like the Hythe Mustangs situation, the Eagles final regular season game will now be forfeited and awarded to the Manning Comets. Both clubs were expected to play one another in the opening round of the NPHL playoffs. With Lakeland terminated it now means the 1 and 21 High Prairie Regals will qualify for the playoffs when they get underway in a couple of weeks.

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