Situated in Northwestern Alberta the city of Grande Prairie is the largest city between Edmonton and Fairbanks Alaska.  It lies just under 500 km from the capital of Alberta and is quickly gaining a reputation for becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.  Over 50,000 residents call the city home thanks to it’s young and vibrant community and ample job opportunities.  Over the past five years the city has become increasingly diverse as people from all over Canada continue to move to the city looking for new opportunity.


Located northwest of the Alberta Capital (Edmonton) Grande Prairie is one the major centres along the way for travellers en route to Alaska. The city itself is surrounded by farmland to the north, west and east but to the south it’s covered in mostly vast boreal forests extending all the way into the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

The community has seen massive growth over the past ten years as evident by countless construction seen throughout the city. Shops, restaurants, and hotels play a vital factor in the cities urban growth and the demand for housing continues to remain high.


Grande Prairie WeatherSituated in Northern Alberta Grande Prairie has a typical Canadian climate. Winters in the Peace Country generally consist of a cold winter (0 to -40C) but have been known to enjoy milder temperatures thanks to some mild chinooks and warmer weather. Winter conditions lately have varied tremendously from year to year with some of the previous years being snowless still at Christmas while others winters have been harsh and cold with a lot of snow.

Summers consist of a comfortable temperature occasionally consisting of hot days over 30C but typically in your 22C to 25C range. Summers are usually full of long days full of sunshine allowing Grande Prairie residents to enjoy outdoor activities to as late as 11:00pm at night. A typical summer will consist of Thunderstorms but are not as frequent as those in Central Alberta. Rainfall varies throughout the season but the Peace Region is noted for never having to have experienced a truly severe drought. Tornados are very rare but have been known to be seen.

Typically the city is known for having 314 days of sunshine a year.

The Athletics and Grande Prairie

THe Grande Prairie Athletics have had a long and storied tradition throughout the city of Grande Prairie. Competing in one of the oldest hockey leagues in Canada many members of the organization have and still play a major role in the team. Currently players, coaches and executives all can be seen throughout the community on a regular basis helping to make the city of Grande Prairie a better and more enjoyable place to live for all who choose to call it home.