The Grande Prairie Athletics have an incredibly rich history but every year players, coaches, staff, volunteers and others come and go. It’s an incredible commitment both on and off the ice and we’re working hard to put an initiative in place to help us get in touch with anyone and everyone who’s either played or volunteered for us.

This is certainly no easy task but we hope we can bridge the gap and bring back the long standing history that’s been a part of the Grande Prairie Athletics throughout the years.

Just below is an email form we’re hoping past and present players and volunteers will fill out to help us build a list/database of all the teams in Athletics history. If you know of anyone please feel free to fill out the form on their behalf or contact us directly at [email protected]

Over time we may send the odd email to our list to let alumni know about important upcoming events or news surrounding the team. (We’re also hoping to share more media on the history of the hockey club, if any alumni have pictures, videos or stories surrounding the A’s please contact us through the email above and we’ll work to share them to our fans).